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Facebook always likes to ask me what is on my mind.
Well, here are the musings of my mind……..

Most people from my generation had very mean parents who didn’t care about the emotional side of our well-being, yet suicide was scarcely heard of.

I don’t know what is happening with these young people. Why couldn’t he or she express what he or she wanted by writing a “Love me more Note” with this level of clarity used to write a suicide note?

In addition, let’s teach our children that suicide is a very selfish and wicked act.

Child, Don’t tell me you love me when you will not give me a chance to “change” and “understand ” you more. It’s not loving. It is wickedness. It will give all who love you pain when you are gone. Your parents and siblings will live with the stigma forever.

Let’s teach our children to be grateful for the little things.
Let’s tell our kids about kids who were abandoned but with resilience,they made it and survived without love and care.
All these disney princess and Prince Charming entitlement mentality won’t help our kids.

Me, am just fed up with suicide stories about kids and may God help all parents who are struggling and making worthy efforts to raise their kids.
Your kids may not appreciate the effort you are making, but God who knows your secret struggles in order to be the best parent to your kids, which your parents were not to you, will graciously reward you all in Jesus name.

A Concerned Parent,
Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Eze

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


(It’s not late yet. Make it happen)

Incase you are a parent of a preteen and you want to educate your child or children but you don’t know how, please print this and give them to read;

1. Your private part (that is your penis, vagina, breast, thigh, buttocks, etc) are private and should not be seen, watched, played with or touched by anyone.

2. Sex is not love and love is not sex.

3. Sex is playing with your private parts and that is reserved for only adults who are married to each other. Any other person who does that will be committing a sin and is liable to both physical and spiritual consequences.

4. If you have sex once, you can become pregnant or impregnate someone and that will hurt you and others and affect your life and that of your loved ones negatively.

5. Sex with condom is not safe sex, safe sex is not having sex at all.

6. Any person who wants to have sex with you as a favour or in exchange for a gift is a predator, run away from such a person and report to your parents.

7.Avoid watching films and movies that have sex scenes.

8. You can get pregnant or impregnate someone the first time you have sex.

9. There will be a boy or girl you will like very much but remember that it is just a crush and infatuation. Infatuations and crushes don’t last. Be patient and wait till you are grown to love someone and be loved back for the right reasons.

10. According to survey, two-thirds of teenagers who had sex wish they had waited till marriage.

11. Having sex is not a sign of a big girl or big boy. It is not proof that you have arrived.

12. Having sex with someone is not a way to return a favour. Say thank you and walk away.

13. Don’t collect gifts often from the opposite sex, they may expect you to pay back in ways you may never want to.

14. Tell your parents immediately anyone touches your private part or forces sex on you. The antidote for the predator’s threat is to expose that secret to your parents or guardians.

15. If a parent or guardian attempts to touch your private part confront them with the truth and run away from their presence till another person is present. Evil cannot survive in public.

16. Learn how to keep your personal space from both same sex and opposite sex. Refuse to be abused by anyone.

17. Don’t find yourself alone in the room with opposite sex as unreal feelings may arise within you.

18. There is no sex so sweet that you can’t wait to enjoy in your marriage.

19. An unwanted pregnancy will affect your speed in life. It may not stop your future but it will certainly alter your speed.

20. You can get married as a male virgin or female virgin and have Great sex with your spouse because you have no other kind of sex to compare it with. It will just be the both of you breaking records that you set for yourselves.

I hope this helps!
Written By
Pastor Ifeoma Eze.

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1. You may feel alone, but you are not alone. God is with you.

2. You are not the only one who has been disappointed before. Don’t take it personal.

3. People have suffered worse disappointments and they survived. You will survive.

4. That you are disappointed today does not mean that something good won’t happen again in your life. The Best is still ahead of you!

5. Get up, clean yourself and keep climbing. You can’t afford to quit.

6. Always remember that you deserve more from life, but don’t wait for it, work for it.

7. You are more than enough so try again!
I hope this helps somebody!

Pastor Ifeoma Eze.

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It is very important that both partners step up in their sexual intimacy acts.

All styles can’t be painful at the same time. All styles can’t be an abomination at the same time. Though some can be very discomforting.

It is the duty of both spouses to intentionally satisfy their spouses without making excuses.
Marriage is the only platform where compromise is permitted!
If your spouse wants a style that is slightly strange but not abominable to your conscience and scriptures, you should step up a little, while the partner who is always imaginative and wants something new, should step down a little (and not make demands that are painful or uncomfortable).
With this, they will arrive at a mutually satisfying place in their marriage.

Each couple should decide together what their boundaries are and shouldn’t use that boundary to decide what other people’s boundary should be. It is exclusively yours.

If you remember that you are going to live with the same man or woman for the rest of your life (50 years and above), you will see nothing wrong in spicing up your love life without being boring!
I hope this helps somebody!

Written by
Pastor Ifeoma Eze

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


By Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze.

You are truly blessed,
I celebrate you today,
Many weeks have passed,
Many changes have occurred,
No one seems to Understand you,
Don’t Worry,
I have been there before,……

Your appetite has changed,
Your movement has become slower,
You don’t seem to catch up on anything,………
Just know that you are not alone,
I know what it feels like,

You worry if you will make it,
You worry if the baby will be strong,
You worry what the baby will be like,….
Will it be a he or a she?

Hold on dear,
Let’s focus on something else,

Think past the months ahead,
Think past the labour and the pain,
Think past the delivery day,
And imagine this cute little angel,
Focus on the beauty of earth’s newest citizen,
Focus on those cute Little arms and legs,
Let your thoughts be saturated,
With the beauty of those tiny shiny eyes,
That will speak deep words of appreciation,
For every milk gulped or body cleaned,

For the sake of this bundle of joy,
Please dear Mother-to-Be, endure,
Endure the painful changes and challenges,
And soon enough, you will be that sweet Mother with a cutie in her arms!
Congratulations in advance!

Yours’ Truly,
A mother who has been there,
Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze.

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


The difference between where you are and where you will be is just Time!
The difference between here and there is “T” and that T stands for Time.
Every warrior was once a crying baby!
Every king was once a pooing child!
Every singer was once a blabbing kid!
Every billionaire was once a struggling business man!
Every Great Man of God you see with excessive crowds to preach to, once had a church where two or three were gathered!
Every president was once an ordinary politician!
Don’t look at where you are today and assume that you will never get to where you desire to be!
It is not about where you started from, It is about where God is taking you to!
I know you have asked yourself, “Will I ever get there?” “Am I good enough?” “Do I have what it takes?”
But like my Anointed husband, Bishop Okwudili Eze will usually say, “Your Background cannot stop your Higher ground”.
If there is a will, there will be a way!
And before you conclude that God can’t do the impossible with you, please check your Elizabeth! Because God is already doing with someone what he wants to do better with you!
Don’t give up on yourself!
And don’t judge yourself based on where you are currently!
The best of you is still ahead of you!
And Remember, “You can succeed if no one believes in you but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself”
I hope this helps somebody!

Written by Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Eze.

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


A loving Marriage is built intentionally!
No part of a sweet marriage happens without your conscious input!
Go out of your way to make your marriage sweet!

The wooing shouldn’t stop!
The Public Displays of Affection shouldn’t stop!

Kiss her on the forehead publicly!
Send him a Romantic sms/ or whatsapp message.

Buy her flowers!
Buy him a wristwatch!

Hold his hand!
Hold her Shoulder!

Tell her she is the best thing that ever happened to you!
Tell him that you are privileged to be married to a Great Man like him!

Come back from work early to take her out for dinner!
Send the kids to Grandma’s so you can have time to seduce him and make him feel young again!

Rub her legs and that waist she used to carry your kids!
Give him a full body massage and don’t forget to scratch his back!

Serve him his food like a king that he is. Kneeling down shouldn’t stop at the traditional wedding!
Get her breakfast in bed!

Hold her and look into her eyes lovingly without saying anything. May her shy again!
Within the confines of your home, dress up for him with those cute revealing things to remind him that you still gat it (For his eyes only).

Tea doesn’t get sweet on its own, you have to add more beverages!

Food doesn’t get sweet on its own, you have to add the right ingredients!

Marriage doesn’t get sweet on its own, you have to intentionally go out of your way to make your spouse the major object of your affection!

You are not too old to do this! Enjoy love now that there is still time! Don’t wait till funeral to write a soul-rending tribute!

Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Eze.

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


As crude as it was, a glory was buried deep beneath it. Hidden away under the crustiness of the earth awaiting to be discovered. Time passed and it seemed as if that day will never come. Years passed, and there was no sound of the miners. But no matter the delay, destiny can never be denied.

Because time and season must happen to everything under the sun. This gold was buried despite its greatness but Alas the miners have found it. It is gold, yet it looked so crude, dull and dirty. Children did not want to be stained by such a mess because it didn’t look good .But there is something that this gold must understand and that is the reason for its pain.
The goldsmith then prepares the furnace in order to heat the substance that has just being discovered so the real gold can emerge.

“The heat will be too much for me”, the gold cries.
‘‘The heat is not enough”, the goldsmith says. The furnace is heated until it is extremely hot and reaches the peak because a crusty substance must be transformed to gold. Eventually the gold enters the fire” it’s unbearably hot” it says. “wait and see” the goldsmith says “there is a reason for the pain, after you have been tried with this fire you will outshine all metals that ever existed”.

The gold becomes silent and patiently groans removing all focus from the pain and setting its gaze to the shine and lustre that will emerge. So despite the pain, the gold is silent, the gold is calm, others see it as being calm but for the gold, a storm swells up within him because he is not sure he can make it through the fire, however, just one decision to endure till the end will make the gold emerge victorious.

Hurray! The gold is out! Wow! Everyone gathers to take a look! And cameras in hand! They can’t wait to admire the beauty of the gold without having full knowledge of the fire it had endured. Women will do anything and everything to have it! Men could kill for it. Everyone wants to have it, but this was only possible because the gold endured till the end.
You, Yes, You are that gold. But if the impurities in you must be separated in order to shine, then you must past through the fire.

While you are passing through the pain, don’t quit on the fire, don’t quit in the heat, don’t quit on the pressure, because if you can endure a little longer you will emerge gloriously. You are gold my friend and there is a reason for the pain.

by Pastor Ifeaoma Eze

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


When it rains, I look out for the rainbows! When it’s dark, I look out for the stars!

Because it isn’t about what you desire, it is all about what you demand from life. I have come to understand that the challenges I face are not exclusive. I have observed and can truthfully say that despite my pain, I still have a lot to be thankful for. So I have chosen to focus on all that I have and refuse to keep sulking about all that I don’t have yet.

For all I am and all I have, have been orchestrated to work harmoniously in other to produce all I can be. You know, they buried me but one thing they forgot is that I am a seed so like every other seed that is buried, I took my focus off the darkness that surrounded me and focused on the little nutrient, water and soil necessary for my germination.

So years later, after they thought it was over with me because my silence was misinterpreted as dead, I arose like the phoenix, out of the ashes, out of the darkness, out of the rubbles of the earth and I emerged as one so glorious to be written about.

So my dear when it rains look for the rainbow, when it’s dark focus on the stars because my scars are proofs of the battle won, my scars are evidences that I was knocked down but I stood up once again.

It is an aberration to tell the story of a man when he is still in a wrestling ring because despite the many bruises, many blows and many falls, what determines the result is who is on top when the whistle is blown.

I have come to understand that if you can perceive right you can receive right. The pain and the pressure, the people and the price, the passion and the pursuit were all necessary ingredients to make you better than you can be.

So next time it rains, looks out for the rainbow because it is an obvious sign that the flood won’t swallow you, that the river won’t sink you and that the heaviness of that rain cannot be the end of your story.

Don’t give up my friend because, at the end of that tunnel, light is about to shine. The last key in the bunch might be the one necessary to open that door you have been trying. If you can perceive right you can receive right.

by Pastor Ifeaoma Eze

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


I’ve had my shares of ups and downs,
I’ve had near death experiences and have feared for my life,

I’ve had people conclude about my future,
Told me I don’t fit into the picture all because they fear my tomorrow,

I stand though I have been knocked down by life and the reason why I stand every time I am knocked down by life is because I don’t want the story of my life to be told shabbily,
You know, if you say you can, you are right
and if you say you can’t, you are still right,
it all depends on you,

People will tell you, you can’t,
Folks will tell you, you shouldn’t,
but all that matters is what you tell yourself,

When life throws you lemons make lemonades,
when life throws you test make testimonies out of it cause when life threw me a mess,
I made a message out of it,

I may be woman but I am still human,
and I choose to live life to the fullest,
I am the one whose life is like a coat of many colours,
and I choose to let every light in me shine,
I am a seed of light and nothing will stop my light,
You see, my background doesn’t matter, my past doesn’t matter ,the colour of my skin doesn’t matter because every minute detail of my life was skillfully sculpted to make a masterpiece out of me

So, understand me when I still choose to stand because I can succeed if no one believes in me but I am certain I wouldn’t, if I don’t believe in myself
So, beat me a million times I will still stand
mock me a million times, I will still stand,
for I know that every set back in my life was orchestrated for my Glorious set up.

And today, I decide that no matter what comes my way, no matter what tomorrow holds as long as I know the one who holds tomorrow, i will stand until I become all I was made to be……

Forgetting my past and fears
I stand
Looking ahead towards the future,
I stand
Ignoring the shakings and uncertainties,
Still I stand.
By Pastor Ifeoma Eze.