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Most times, your dreams frighten you because they are larger and bigger than your current state or capacity. The scary part is the magnanimity of your dream compared to the feelings of inadequacy you currently feel.
But never let it stop you!

One thing I know about dreams is that they don’t look like you. But you have to develop the courage to work and walk into that bigger picture of you.

Secondly, the enemies of your life are revealed at the moment of dream discovery. The one with no dreams have no enemies.
They wished you had remained how you were. They liked you goofing around; but the moment the anointing of a dream comes on you, all hell breaks lose……. Dissident voices arise to tell you how you are not good enough……. How you are unqualified…….. How impossible your dream is……. How nobody like you has ever done that……. How you are just as normal as they are……. But never allow that to stop you.

Remember, you are not the first one to be frightened.
David was, but he encouraged himself.
Joseph saw a pit that didn’t look like the palace God promised him but he maintained his countenance.
Abraham was given the dream to be the father of many nations but his present situation didn’t make him waver in unbelief.
Sarah judged God faithful.
Esther decided it was better to perish than do nothing.
Isaac kept digging wells despite fierce pressure.
The Hebrew boys didn’t change their confessions at the scene of the fiery furnace.

Stay strong and face your dreams!
If anyone can……
You are that One!
Keep Shooting!
Sky is your starting point!

By Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Eze.

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


I was deeply engrossed as I studied. I had actually read for hours through the night. Head bowed, back bent, eyes focused, sweating as my generator couldn’t carry the Air conditioner, I flipped through the textbook, page by page, underlining, highlighting and uploading information necessary to give me an excellent grade in my exams.

After many hours, I lifted my head, stretched my back and said “I am ready for this exam” …. All of a sudden, a very deep thought took over, The Holy Spirit reminded me that one day, just one day We will all write an EXAM. But the scary fact is this… How ready are We for this EXAM? How prepared are We for that day?

We might have put so much effort and dedication to study for our earthly exam but what effort are We putting into the study of God’s word?
For just one day, We do not know when it will be, it might be now, today or next week, We will be faced with our Examiner who will expect answers from us. We will be required to give account of our lives, our thoughts, our decisions, our words.

What result do you think you will have in that examination?
Can I tell you that there are only two results:
1. Welcome thou Faithful Servant or
2. Depart from me ye worker of iniquity.
Which one shall it be?

My name is Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze
(The Voice of One Crying in The City)


About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


“She is growing so fast”.
Yeah, in just a few years!
Your baby girl is blossoming!
She is such a delight!

You beam with smiles, As you watch her dance to lovely tunes on the radio. You wave your head and smile to yourself when you watch her play with her friends.

“She is so lively, lovely and active” you say to yourself. “she doesn’t have a single worry” you assure yourself.

But in just a moment your baby girl goes melancholic. “What’s wrong with my baby girl” you ask.
“Nothing mummy” she replies.

After a while, she begins to complain about uncle Max. You think it’s nothing.
“Mummy, I don’t like uncle Max,” she says only to be shut up with your outburst and transferred aggression.
“You are so stubborn and lazy that is why u don’t like your uncle who is teaching you how to be a good girl”…..shut up” you flare out! “Mummy please listen,” she says.
“Go to your room” you scream!!!

Times have passed, your baby girl becomes reserved and quieter and you assure yourself “my baby girl is becoming more matured”
Certainly, she has become more matured because she has been abused right under your nose all because you refused to listen.

Dear Mummy, please

1. Do not leave or agree to hand over your daughter to any “Uncle” even in school, no “uncle should teach and care for a class that is all girls😳😳😳without female minders.
2. If you live with males when you have girls, those males MUST NEVER enter or clean your daughters’ rooms.
3. Your daughters MUST not sit on the laps of a man. I mean, what for.? Fathers are sexually abusing their own biological children, how much less!!!
4. Do not hand or trust your girls in the hands of a “beloved son or uncle” and relax and boldly say, their uncle took them out, PLEASE to where?
5. Your female’s must be talked to, counselled and sternly warned that there private parts are no go areas for ANYBODY. Right there In the bathroom, they should wash their private parts themselves. Teach them sex education by yourself! If you don’t teach them, social media, internet, neighbours and your enemies will teach them!
6. Do not be an absentee mother. No maternal deprivation at all. Let’s open our eyes. Alertness and sensitivity is seriously required.
7. Insist that your children confide in you and should always report back how their day was spent.
8. Make yourself available for your children whether you are in town or not. Thank God for mobile phones etc
9. A male should NOT nurse a female baby both at home and in school.
People’s minds now are crooked, corrupt, gone weird and strange, 10. Please when your children both sons and daughters try to confide in you, please listen to them, don’t interrupt and don’t overreact, if not, they will never trust you again. TRUST NO ONE.
Yours’ Truly,
A fellow Mother,
Pst Ifeoma Eze.

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


Scripture text: JEREMIAH 1:5-8.

To be a pastor’s wife is a divine call. A pastor’s wife is a calling because it’s not every woman that has the capacity to be a pastor’s wife. It’s not every woman that can be able to endure the things that the pastor’s wives endure. It’s not every woman that is able to tolerate what they tolerate.

Not every pastor’s wife is called into the 5-fold ministry, invariably it is called the ministry of help.
Knowing you’re called is one thing and maximizing your call is another thing.


1. You must have a personal relationship with God. John 3:27.
It takes you knowing God intimately to be able to maximize your calling because your husband’s personal relationship with God will not be able to carry both of you.

2. Understand that you’re called.
Psalm 49:20.
You have to know first and foremost that you’re called because the calling is not a title, the calling is an assignment, a function.

3. You have to get yourself into deep study.
2 Tim 2:15, Col 3:16.
When you study more you become outstanding in life and you will not be ashamed when opportunities call. Don’t be an empty vessel, be a loaded pastor’s wife.

4. You must have an effective prayer life. Luke 18:1.
When you don’t pray, you become prey in the hand of the enemy the devil. When the devil attacks your husband and misses him, you (the pastor’s wife) becomes the next target. Let the devil find you praying when he attacks.

5. Look out for people that will rub off on you. Eg.Mentors, Spiritual leaders etc.
Proverbs 27:17.
Don’t be a woman alone, connect and network with people that have gone ahead of you. Be humble enough to learn from them and become wiser.

Remain lifted and have a beautiful weekend!


About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


Read this scripture before you continue 2 Corinthians 12:7-9

I have read this scripture over and over again and wondered why a man so anointed by God will have an infirmity in his flesh (from satan) and will pray about it three times and yet God says no.

Some self righteous people could begin to quickly dish out answers…. But hold on…. If you have had a taste of this situation like i have, you won’t be quick to conclude.

Let me ask you, Did Apostle Paul have to pray three times for Eutychus to come back to life? Did he have to pray three times for the girl who was bedeviled to receive liberation? Did he have to pray three times for handkerchiefs and aprons from his body to become channels of deliverance to people? Does it not make you wonder that the only time he needed to pray three times was when it was his matter, not a carnal matter, but a health matter; not a matter of luxury but a matter of neccessity.

Dear Pastor and Pastor’s wife, have you ever seen yourself explaining to God that if you did not have that hypertension and diabetes you would have been more useful to God, you would have been more active and productive and that more souls would have been won?

Have you been in a situation where you pray for the barren and they conceive twins and triplets yet to conceive is a matter you have prayed about for years, even if it happens, all you get is a miscarriage or still born. Have you given people life changing marriage counsels and your marriage is at the brink of shattering? Have you lost a family member despite you prayed with the same unction that healed a church member of cancer?

Have you given people ministry advice that made their ministry blossom and yours still look retarded? Have you picked up sons and daughters who you tutored in Bible school and ministry, who looked up to you as Spiritual Mentors, only for them to locate someone else who is more popular than you to submit to all because they feel that you are a smaller tree who can no longer give them shade?

At such moments, you return to God to be sure He was the one who truly called you. You ask Him questions you shouldn’t be asking him. Questions that the disciples asked their loving master, “carest not that we will perish”….. All because they were in the storm.

Please hear me, at least as someone who has been in ministry for more than a decade……. The presence of storms in your life and ministry does NOT indicate
1. That you are not called.
2. That you are wrong.
3. That you are not fit.
4. That you have sinned.
5. That God has left you.


Don’t let that storm confuse you. In a storm you can’t see clearly! You can’t think clearly! So just walk by faith and not by sight! Refuse to listen to your senses! They will give you all the wrong signals!

Rest on this assurances:
1. God is too faithful to fail.
2. The gift and callings of God are without repentance.
3. The presence of storms is not the absence of God.
4. If Apostle Paul’s thorn in the flesh could not be taken away, cut God some slack. Let Him be God.
5. If Jesus felt forsaken, who are you?
6. Believe that God has a plan and He is working out your life behind the scenes.
7. When you can’t see His hand, please trust His Heart of Love!

Until i come your way again.
Yours Truly,
A fellow co-labourer in God’s Vineyard,
Pst Ifeoma Eze
Zion Heritage Abuja.

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I can relate to dear Pastor’s wife! I can relate because I too am a Pastor’s wife!
I know that it is not easy to be a Pastor’s wife. I understand the pressures, sacrifices, difficult choices and hard situations you have been forced to go through all because you don’t want to offend God and you don’t want to be a cog in the wheel of progress in your husband’s ministry.
Yes, I understand!
I know how difficult it is when you are accused of things you know nothing about and how you are blamed when you did all you did with best of intentions.
I know and I understand!

Dear Pastor’s wife, I know how it feels when someone assumes that you are just the Pastor’s wife by sheer luck all because they envy your success and blessings, yet they have no idea the prices you paid to get to where you are. They have no idea the many times you have cried, the many times you have travailed and the many times, you held your husband’s head (their Pastor’s head) and prayed that he will not fail or lose focus. They have no idea! They see the pastor so filled with faith on Sunday morning but have no idea what you do to encourage him on Monday morning when all the members are mindful of their businesses.

My dear sister, how can I attempt to mention all you have to go through in just one writeup.
Am i to talk about the expectations placed on your kids who never negotiated to be preacher’s kids. They just found themselves in your home and everyone expects them to be angels and never make mistakes.

All wives would love to spend time talking some sweet nonsense with their husbands but all you ever get to discuss with yours are prayer needs for that member who is sick, bereaved or having a difficult marriage. Most times, your good morning greeting to your husband is replied when he asks if you have called the sister missing in attendance or settled the dispute between some members. But no one knows because your recent picture on Facebook looked so cute. “She is so lucky” they confess, yet every day you ask for the grace to stand and not to fail the God who has called you to be a wife to His Oracle on earth.

It’s okay My dear Sister, I will tell you some truths that will help you. Just a few, others will come later.

1. No one can take care of you but you.
2. Without God, you will be finished.
3. Don’t live to please people because you can’t please everyone at the same time.
4. No matter how good you are, some people will still name you as their reason for leaving the church. Don’t worry. They would have still left if you were not there. It was never about you!
5. Your husband, the pastor no matter how good he is, will never satisfy all your emotional needs. Find godly ways of making yourself happy.
6. Church members who are nice must never be your close confidants. A Loyal person today might not be a loyal person by tomorrow.
7. Understand your husband more than his spiritual children would. Be there for him.
8. My sweet sister, you are not indispensable, that church and ministry can continue Without you! Ouch! But true!
So be humble, don’t kill yourself with work and take good care of yourself.
9. Don’t wait for permission from anyone to serve your God. Close your ears and serve, don’t only wait to be served.
10. The people who have come to tell you what they said about you are the ones saying it. Don’t fall for their sentiments. Keep your mouth shut!
11. Keep your spiritual life hot!
12. Avoid appearances of evil.

Let me reserve the others for my next letter to you my dear Sister!
Yours faithfully,
Pst Ifeoma Eze,
A fellow Pastor’s wife!
From Zion Heritage Abuja

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


It’s a season of Celebration.
You see couples twin in pictures.
You see kids all around them.
Others are celebrating a marriage ceremony.
Then some family and friends humourously ask you when yours will be.
And you begin to worry……
Why is this not me?
Why has this not happened for me?
Are men blind?
Or am I too ugly?
What’s wrong with me?
There must be something others have that I don’t have? …..

Wait a minute!
Time and chance happens!
And everyone’s time is not the same.
Others marry at 22 and divorce at 29.
Others give birth at 25 and lose their baby at 35.
Others find love at 35 and live happily ever after.
No time is the best time.
Only God’s time is the best time!

I know it is difficult to wait.
I know you feel very lonely most times.
You wear your happy face on social media,
But wet your pillow at night with tears.
Don’t think that because you are single you are stupid.
You are in a process and don’t tell me about another person’s shorter process.
Our making process are not the same.
There must be a reason in God’s mind for this wait.

But while you wait;
Love yourself
Treat yourself well
Build up capacity
Learn more
Study more
Travel more
Dream more
Work on your dreams and vision.
And let him meet you busy.

While doing all these,
Love God
Trust God
And wait on Him
His time is best
He makes all things beautiful in His time.
He hasn’t forgotten you.
Rather, He is working out something wonderful for you!
The process of making fast food and that of making our local bitter leaf soup cannot take the same time.

When God is done with you, You will shine forth like gold!
Don’t give up on yourself!
Work on yourself!
Keep trusting in God!
Keep waiting on God even when it is hard to wait.
And soonest the right man who will love and appreciate you for who you are will come into your life and he will never feel like he is doing you a favour by marrying you!

Can I tell you that,
You are loved!
You are special!
You are enough!
Your time will soon come!
You are waiting and not wasting!
Just know that I love you and I believe in you!

by Pastor Ifeoma Eze

Senior Pastor at Zion Heritage and Miracles Ministries.

About Pastor Ifeoma Eze


Happy New Year Great ones!

1. THIS 2020, Know your God. Develop a stronger relationship with God. Worship more (Relationship), Pray more (Communication), Study more (Knowledge and revelation of God).

2. THIS 2020, Know yourself. Why are you here on earth? Discover and work your vision, purpose and divine assignment. Live for something while loving yourself.

3. THIS 2020, Separate from Vision extinguishers and Dream killers. Everyone does not deserve to know your plans. Surprise them with results! Not everyone is qualified to give you advice.

4. THIS 2020, surround yourself with result-oriented individuals and quality relationships. Re-evaluate and Re-invest in quality relationships: -Family -Mentors(Spiritual and Physical) -Friends -Mentees.

5. THIS 2020, Improve on yourself all round. Engage in mental and capacity development. Learn a skill. Go back to school. Attend relevant seminars and conferences.

6. THIS 2020, Invest more, spend less. Commit to multiple streams of income. Learn the difference between earned income and passive income. Money answereth all things.

7. THIS 2020, Take care of your health! Eat more fruits and vegetables! Exercise regularly! Health is wealth! When Health is lost everything is lost! Don’t lose you!

Enjoy your year of Heavy Harvest!
You have sowed too much!
It’s time to harvest heavily!

Pastor Ifeoma Eze
Zion Heritage Abuja.

N/B: Please, Let me know which number you love most.