Marriage & Couples Therapy

Pastor Ifeoma Eze is a renowned marriage counsellor who is well known for her marriage books and marriage-transforming messages on both audio and video formats. Her passion for building Godly marriages is intense. She is committed to teaching people all over the world about how to marry the right person, balance family life, fix marital relationship issues and sustain marital relationships.

She believes that she can bring hope to those who believe in love, that true love exists, that there are good marriages out there, That it’s ok to fall in love and be vulnerable and be yourself, That it is ok to be heartbroken and to love again.

She loves what she does and she started this because she is passionate about fostering a supportive group with couples and single individuals to enhance the importance of marriage, the right kind of marriage. The most rewarding thing about what she does is the fact that she sees couples at the verge of a separation or divorce (not all of them to be honest), walk out of her last session with them together with a better marriage than they had before.

She has the following popular Books in Marriage:


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